So Many Awesome Dude Movies This Summer!

The Dude —  July 23, 2012

This summer offers a wide range of amazing dude movies. If you even like movies a little, and are a guy, then I will bet that you’re excited to see The Dark Knight Rises. The other day I manned up to battle the lines to check out this movie. The third and final installment of the new batman trilogy was EPIC! I highly recommend going to see it in the theater, but Batman wasn’t the only gem to come out of that trip to the movies. I found out that over the next few months there are so many awesome dude movies coming to theaters. There are remakes, sequels and exciting originals; these dude movies are coming in all shapes and forms.

To be completely biased I am through the roof excited about the remake of Total Recall. The originally movie was Arnold Schwarzenegger at his finest. It was Arnie in a futuristic setting like 2013 (the movie was made in 1990) blowing guys away and flirting with 3 breasted alien women. The new remake has Colin Farrell doing the same thing as Arnie except with Jessica Beal and Kate Beckinsale at his side. I expect this to be a box office smash!

Another movie that is going to blow the box office away is the next installment of the Bourne story – The Bourne Legacy. I’ve always been really impressed with the realistic action in the Bourne movies. I personally welcome the choice of Jeremy Renner as the main character who has proven over and over through other roles that he knows how to kick ass on the big screen. The general premise to this movie is that the big bad corporation’s dirty work comes under scrutiny and they are trying to kill everyone to cover it up. Enter Jeremy Renner who plans to kill them back to uncover the truth. Sounds like a winning story line to me.

Now to jump to a movie that has no story line, nor does it need one – The Expendables 2. Have you ever asked the question: who would win in a fight; Jean-Claude Van Damme or Sylvester Stallone? The answer to your question is about a month away and adds an all-star action cast. Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris are a few of the major action stars to join the sequel. This movie sets itself up to be a blood bath. I would be disappointed if more than 10 seconds went by without a gun or knife fight. If you want to shut your brain off and your testosterone on this is a must see movie.

I don’t know who set up this summer line up of awesomeness but thank you and I hope that everyone enjoys them as much as I know I will.

The Dude

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