Sponsored: IKEA – The Time Travel Experiment

The Dude —  August 20, 2014

Follow World-renowned Hypnotist Justin Tranz and IKEA worker Fred, as they take random customers on a time travel adventure.

This neat little time travel experiment is actually pretty funny, as the people are taken on a ride into the future and tossed into a variety of situations in IKEA bedrooms. The trailer features one young couples who are entranced into future settings.

“At IKEA, we believe that life happens everyday,” says Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA. “That it’s on those seemingly ordinary days the magic happens, when life takes shape and changes, and it’s for those moments we create our products and solutions.”

Take a few minutes, sit back and enjoy the hilarity. This is the first feature film from IKEA, stay tuned for more.

The Dude

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