Sponsored: McDonald’s Canada Introduces the Next Legend

The Dude —  February 23, 2015

The Big Mac. The McFlurry. The baked apple pies. The World Famous Fries.  McDonald’s® isn’t short of iconic menu items that take top spot in the legend department. But at the end of January, a new titan of sandwich history was unleashed to join the ranks as the next legend.

McDonald’s unleashed the CBO® (Chicken, Bacon, Onion), the newest legendary sandwich to grace McDonald’s menu boards.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, McDonald’s held a top-secret Flavour Session in Toronto for its Twitter super fans. Some of Canada’s biggest names in fast-foodie culture were also in attendance. Together, they enjoyed the first taste of the CBO in Canada.

Like love at first bite, these are their first impressions.

The Dude

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