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The exciting Halloween is creeping up on us! As we all know, Halloween is the time of year for dressing up as our favorite characters and collecting candy. However, nothing is more interesting than scaring others, especially kids, on this particular night by dressing up as horrifying creatures. So the question is, “If you are a guy, what are the most unique halloween costumes?” Out of the many peculiarly creepy guy costumes available, here are twenty of the best ones. Here goes!

1. Chucky Costume

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We all know about the Chucky movie. Most of us were even freaked out by the Chucky doll when we were kids. This is probably one of the best halloween customs because it is a representation of a worldwide popular scary figure. In addition to dressing up as Chucky, make it even more distinctive by enhancing the scary look with a plastic knife or an axe.

2. Killer Clowns

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This scary clown costume will surely scare a few kids. Put on a white and black mask with a matching white and black suit decorated with a bow tie. Spread red ketchup or halloween face paint on your mask and attire to finish it off and you are ready to go!

3. Michael Myers



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Michael Myers–the murderous character from the movie “Slasher.” Because of the history of Myers, he is an extremely frightening character. Spice up Halloween with a brown suit, a mask, and a plastic knife and watch the kids run away!

4. Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger



One of history’s scary figures, Freddy Kruger is the most terrifying with his long claws and face that appears to have been burned from acid. Decorated with fake nails, a Freddy halloween mask, and a black hat, you are ready to have some fun!

5. Zombie



This is one of the cheapest halloween costume ideas. When thinking about zombies, we usually think about the dead rising from their graves. Dress as a scary zombie in rags and a wig this Halloween and enjoy the scare on the kids’ faces!

6. Day of the Dead



This is one of the halloween couple costumes. The Day of the Dead costume is a portrayal of the dead. Go to a couple halloween party and have your significant other dress as the female version. Dress up in this costume and you will be the scare of the night!

7. Horse Demon


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First off, the thought of a demon is spine-chilling. Imagine the thought of a horse who is a demon. That is even more petrifying. This specific costume includes a skeleton horse mask and a black cloak. The meaning of Halloween will definitely be depicted with this costume.

8. Facelift Skin Suit



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Nothing is more frightening than the sight or thought of skin oozing off of the skin. This is one of the unique halloween costumes that portray burned skin.

9. Headless Man



Is the sight of a headless “anything” normal? This gruesome costume will give a scare to anyone passing by. Dressed in a black cloak and holding a knife in one hand and a head in the other, the young trick-or-treaters will be making a run for it!

10. Phantom



Phantom has always been a faceless creature. It represents the unknown. This costume is a dressing of the “unknown” embellished in a black cloak, black mask with red eyes, and a skeleton cane. Make your halloween a night of the unknown!

11. Soul Taker


The thought of a spirit taking your soul–that is reason for regular nightmares! If your goal is to scare on halloween, the soul taker costume will do the trick. With white rags and a mask with the look of “I’m coming to get you,” whoever you pass by will surely believe you are after their soul!

12. Twisted Clown



This specific clown costume has the appearance of a killer. With red hair, a black and red clown outfit, and a murderous-painted face, kids will be running for their lives!

13. Light Up Eyes Gauze Zombie



A zombie with red eyes–the look of death staring in your face. There is nothing more scarier that that! This cheap costume does not need much but rags and a mask with red eyes.

14. Blue Orc Skin Suit



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If you love the idea of causing the kids to wet their pants on halloween, then dress up in this blue orc skin suit costume. With yellow teeth in an abnormal-shaped head, kids will run screaming!

15. Rotten To The Core Skeleton



This disfigured costume is extremely unique with its skeleton look rotting away. A skeleton costume is already scary but enhancing it with a rotting appearance is taking the cake.

16. Saw



The many sequels of the movie Saw had people at the edge of their seats. This costume will also have people startled. The costume feature that sticks out the most is the mask with the spiral-shaped cheeks, red eyes, and killer facial expression.

17. Evil Harlequin



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Dress up as an evil “anything,” and you will certainly turn heads. Red and black Jester is intimidating with his mostly white painted face and daunting smile. Look a kid in their face with this costume, and he or she just may cry for “Mommy!”

18. Clown With Horns



A scary-looking clown is one thing, but one with horns is another. Dress as an evil clown–red and yellow clown suit and white mask with tongue sticking out. Intensify it with horns, most likely attached to the mask. If kids cry because they are afraid of clowns, imagine if they see one with horns.

19. Flesh Eater



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This is a wonderful and inexpensive idea that includes a mask with flesh-eating teeth protruding out. This is certainly the costume that will have people running far away!

20. Doll Man



Now this is one of the best halloween customs of all. It is a very bizarre costume of dolls sticking off of a man. It appears that many dolls were glued onto an outfit. Because of its eccentric image, you will fulfill your goal of scaring on halloween.
These twenty scary halloween costumes for guys will undeniably achieve the significance of halloween–to scare. Try any one of these costumes, and you will have the laugh of a lifetime. Enjoy and be safe!