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What goes into a man cave? What do you need to create the man cave of your dreams? We wanted to give you ideas for your man cave so we put together our top 10 list of must have items for your man cave.

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5 Great Ways to Use Dudepins

The Dude —  March 11, 2015

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Introducing Sponsored Posts

Kamil Szybalski —  February 12, 2014

We wanted to take a minute to introduce a new feature that you’ll see throughout Dudepins.. we’re calling it, Sponsored Posts. Continue Reading…

Well, it’s that time again! We want to take a moment to thank all of our incredibly, awesome, amazing and dedicated members, THANK YOU!  It goes without saying, but 2013 has been an absolute blast filled with both challenges and celebrations.. fortunately, we have smashed through and will continue to bring you the best of ‘Manly’ internet in 2014. Continue Reading…

Where to start…. Well, it’s been just over 4 months since Dudepins launched and what a 4 months at that. Dudepins initially started as a mere idea, a result of scotch, cigar and just great conversation between two good friends, who knew that we would get to where we are so quickly.. In a short 4 month, we have received incredible coverage from, what seems like, a countless number of both admirers and critics, including of course CNN which lead us to upping our servers and really getting serious about Dudepins and of course, the amazing community.

So what’s with the update Dudes?…. well:


A) We’re mobile… are you? If the saying, “Save the best for last” has any merit, we’re sure not applying it here! We are absolutely head over heals excited to announce that we will be launching both an iPhone and Android app very, very soon. Our app dudes have been working away to make this happened and it’s coming together really quite nice, you’ll see a blurred and very secretive preview, of just one, below. As a warning, we want to refine these apps around what you want, how you want to use them and what features you want added/removed, so please e-mail us, tweet us, facebook us and don’t stop with the feedback once the apps are live, it’s absolutely appreciated.


B) Booom! Enter New Dudepins. We put some serious time into redesigning our brand to be more aligned with our overall company goals and community values, we are proud to present:



C) Oh my… I had to look twice! The site that you currently see is soon to be gone, we’re not only fixing existing bugs and issues, we’re going to be completely re-launching Dudepins very soon. Yup, new website, new look, new feel, new functionalities, and tons and tons of new features which are all the birth child of what you, the Dudepins community, want to see in a social sharing service for Men.

So, now that we’re seriously serious about what Dudepins is about to become and evolve into, we want you to know that for the next…. well, ever…we are working hard to build a service that goes beyond the current, we are building a site that incorporates deeper features and is designed with a very grandiose purpose. Simply put, Dudepins is going to go beyond being the coolest place for dudestuff.. what that means? You’ll have to wait and see. Here’s a peak:



D) Invites…. what invites? Let’s face it, waiting sucks…. so, the days of waiting for your invites to be approved are completely over.. To be honest, the only reason we didn’t start with a direct signup is because we needed to sort of the techy stuff (no good if our site has crashed all the time..) and figure out exactly what our servers could, and could not, do. Point is, we’ve partnered with the incredible folks at Softlayer and as a result, traffic loads are not going to be a problem for the next while; onwards. Simply put, Man up. Sign up. Pin up.



E), F), G)…. We can’t give away everything!


So there you have it, Dudepins is making some very big moves and we’re excited to be giving the community everything you have been asking for. We plan to keep you in the loop every step of the way, so stay tuned and check back often because things are only going to get more exciting. As we’ve said before, it’s our mission to continue making Dudepins the community for the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Dudes, Gentleman & all Men of honor.

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