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Big news is a big deal, anything that’s a big deal warrants a blog post, so here it is.

We are super proud to announce that we officially have added notifications to Dudepins! That’s right, we’ve got our tech dudes working hard (because they’re awesome) and the other day they ‘finally’ finished our new notification system. Our notification system will send you an email when someone starts following you, likes your pin, re-pins your pin or leaves a hilarious comment on one of your pins. These emails can easily be turned on or off in your setting. Here’s how:


  1. Login to Dudepins
  2. Hover over your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click settings
  4. At the botton of the setting page you will have the 4 notifications you can turn on or off (grey means on and white means off)

IMPORTANT: If you created an account before June 5th, 2012, they are Off right now, so go turn them ON!

Here’s a photo for the more visual folk: *Notice how the notifications in the photo below are currently OFF…

We would love your feedback on what you think of the new system. So go in, turn on the notifications and let us know what you think by telling us on Facebook or, if you really prefer, emailing us at