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If you are going back to high school, college, university or upgrading your work training there is always that make or break first day. We at Dudepins are some of the coolest cats around and thought we would share some of our tips with you to make that memorable firs impression.

The old saying “dress to impress” is 100% true but make sure it’s appropriate for the situation. If you show up to your first day of university wearing a suit, first and foremost you are the man, but in reality you are not dressing to the occasion. Figure out how you want to be perceived because the clothes you wear tell your story. If you want to be the funny guy then wear a clever t-shirt. If you want to be the nerdy guy than pocket protectors are your best friend. If you want to be you then wear what makes you feel good but make sure you take the situation into account.

The second piece is to talk to everyone. You never know who is going to be your best friend or the person that changes your life until you meet them. Many people get intimidated and nervous when meeting new people but I will give you a bullet proof way to open a conversation. You ready for it? Walk up to them and say “hello” (was it that hard?), after you say hello tell them your name and ask them a question about themselves. If they give you a one word answer and seem dis-interested then walk away but if they give you a good answer and seem interested keep the conversation alive by asking them a few more questions. This is a universal way to meet people and as you get more comfortable using this introduction method your questions will get better and more engaging.

The last part to looking cool going back to school is if you hit it off with someone then get their contact information. Don’t be shy to tell someone “you enjoy the conversation” or “I think we’re going to be friends” and then ask to keep in touch (especially if she is really cute). Being honest and straight forward with people goes along way and wanting to stay in touch or even see them again is a big part of that.

There you have it! If you dress the part, talk to everyone and are straight forward about staying in touch with people everyone will think you are the coolest dude. We hope everyone going back to school has a great first week.


Team Dudepins