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With the holidays just around the corners, dudes everywhere may find themselves in need to put on something fancier than usual. While casual is the king of fashion (with its smart-casual variation for the office and so on), a dude in his 20s and 30s rarely has any time – or interest – in actually dressing up on the more elegant side of things. Formal fashion and suit outfits are known to be quite expensive as well, but we decided to show you it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Here are our top 5 Mad Men inspired fashion items you should consider for all the season’s parties.

1. The H2H Formal Business Vest

H2H vest for men

With this top, you can look professional and cool without much effort. Just go to the online store, pick out the color combo that would suit you best, get the item and pull it on over a basic shirt and tie. Any shirt and tie will do, even if they’re the only ones you actually have in your wardrobe. To keep your style cool, you can wear it with suit pants and a sleek hairstyle, or even go a little wild and pair it with suit shorts or some slim jeans. You can get this H2H vest for about $35 on Amazon.

2. FlatSeven Slim Fit Casual Blazer Jacket

flatseven slim fit casual blazer jacket

A blazer makes an ideal top coat for winter and the cold season in general, if you don’t live in an extremely cold area and travel mostly by car, as we all tend to. If you choose one which is also slim fitted, you’ll avoid the dreary look of a boy in his dad’s oversized suit, and look relaxed and cool instead, just the way that Mad Med inspired fashion items are supposed to make you look. Forget the parkas and sports jackets: this is touch of elegance that just ups the game instead of dampening it. You can find the FlatSeven Slim Fit Blazer in plenty of color options, some quite daring, on Amazon, for $79.00 to $99.00.

3. A Black Top Hat (from Kangaroo)

kangaroo top hat black

If you’ve experimented with Fedoras before on your smart-casual outfits, then a top hat is just a step away. Dare to amp up your game and your style for the season’s coming parties and all eyes will be on you if you accessorize this hat to a mostly dark-toned outfit and you wear it with confidence. You can find it for under $10 on Amazon in this season’s sales.

4. TheLees Casual Slim Fit Dress Shirts for Men

thelees casual slim fit dress shirt

A dress shirt is the ideal shirt to be worn with any suit, vest, formal pants or jeans, underneath a cardigan or directly underneath your coat and so on. The slim fit cut brings this classic Mad Men inspired fashion item to the contemporary style vibes, and makes you look great no matter what your build is. You can find the shirt in a variety of colors for about $25 on Amazon.

5. A Pair of CTM Men’s Suspenders

CTM black suspenders for men

Nothing says elegant but ready to party at the same time like a pair of black suspenders (preferably over a light-colored shirt for extra contrast). Wear a bow tie over the shirt as well and you’ll be the coolest-looking dude at the gathering. Of all the Mad Men inspired fashion items for men, suspenders are definitely the coolest. You can find the CTM suspenders in various color options on Amazon for as low as $5 to $17 (the lower price available for a few options).

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