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We all strive to have a fortress of solitude or man cave, if you will, in our homes and if we’re lucky enough to convince the girlfriend that such a space would be a good idea, then you’re going to need to think about how you’re going to furnish said man-cave. When it comes to your choice of seating, it really is a no-brainer. If you want your reflection space to resemble what Don Draper’s probably looked like, and why wouldn’t you, then you’re definitely going to need to invest in one of these immeasurably dapper Charles Eames Loungers. Continue Reading…


Check out this amazing photoshoot inspired by Baywatch and featured on c-heads magazine. The photos are taken by David Hauserman and are truly awesome! Enjoy the photos below. Continue Reading…

It’s Thursday, which means another dump of awesome, super, extra Manly photos of Bikes, Cars & Women. We took extra care in selecting the best of the best today, so we hope you take extra time to appreciate the quality of this Thursday’s roundup. Continue Reading…

Each week we bring you the top 10 manly pictures ‘best of’ Dudepins. From Cars to Cigars and news to humour, check in each week to see our finely groomed list of photos. If you think we’ve missed any, or have some incredible photos you just know belong on this list, make sure you Pin them up to Dudepins or send them in to


10. Classic Jack – See it

9. Who doesn’t love a Porsche – See it

8. It’s good… It’s not bad – See it

7. Hmmm – See it

6. Stiched Driver Shoe $69 – See it

5. Ain’t that the truth – See it

4. Drink anyone – See it

3. Swarms – See it

2. Beer Guide – See it

1. The basics of bluffing – See it


That’s a wrap for this weeks top 10 Dudepins! Stay tuned for next weeks top 10!

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10. A great idea to not only save a few bucks but also do something good for the environment. Check this Manly DIY out


9. A sweet Halloween costume idea. It’s almost time, what are you dressing up as? Check it out and don’t forget to pin up your costumes!


8. Have a look at this stunning painting! The site shows 10 Extremely Realistic, Mouth-watering Paintings of Food, check these out.


7. Lords of the Ring Nurburgring – Check it out


6. The most convenient frame in the world. Check it out


5. What kind of dog is this? Have a look


4. How cool is this – Wireless Speaker Light Bulb… Now you can get sound anywhere! Click to see it


3. Boxing gloves, what boxing gloves? See it


2. What a great ad. Have a look


1. Beach Volleyball – Check it out

That’s a wrap for this weeks top 10 Dudepins! Stay tuned for next weeks top 10!

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