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10 Surprising Facts about Mario

The Dude —  September 21, 2015

Hey there dudes (and dudettes), remember the Mario of video games we all knew and loved as children growing up? Mario games are still a hit with geeks and video game aficionados all over the country and the world, and there are plenty of gaming platforms who are reviving or enhancing the original games for their users.


If you’ve been a Mario fan since you were young or discovered him later on, here’s a list of surprising facts you may have not known about this popular character.  Enjoy a blast from the past!

1. Mario kills innocent victims

According to the manual of the original game, the innocent mushroom people who got their kingdom invaded by the evil black magic wielding turtles were turned into pieces of wall or flowers. In other words, each time Mario breaks a piece of wall for extra points, he murders one of the innocent mushroom people! Oh no!

2. There are two porn movies about Mario

Yes, totally NSFW content based on Mario fandom has been created. Both movies star Ron Jeremy as Mario. Nintendo purchased all rights to the movies in order to prevent their distribution, as it may hurt the image of their popular games.

3. Birdo is the first cross-dressing video game character ever created

The pink dinosaur with the cute bow and purple eye shadow is actually a man (and has always been voiced by a man too). The Mario game has been open-minded since way before it was cool.

4. Mario is bald and wears a toupee

In the original drawings, Mario has always appeared to have a shiny baldness on the top of his head, and game theorists think his current looks are actually aided with a toupee.

5. Fans report hidden messages in Mario games

There’s no way of knowing if these messages are indeed intentionally put there, but fans have reported that some game covers have only some of the letters highlighted by a sparkle, and that if you put these letters together, messages like ‘Ur Mr. Gay’ may come up.

6. Mario was known under different names

The creator of the character initially named him ‘Mr. Video’ and said that he intended to use him in all future video games he created. Afterwards, he was named Jumpman, and eventually Mario after Mario Segale (an American businessman).

7. The DonkeyKong Mario game was initially intended to be a Popeye game

Because the name’s creators couldn’t actually get the rights to the Popeye characters they wanted to use, they decided to use Mario and Pauline instead.

8. Nintendo has to issue an 80 million dollar settlement to gamers who injured their hands

Playing a Mario game which came out in 1996 reportedly gave people blisters in their palm or on their thumb, because the game required them to rotate the analogue joystick on their game controller vigorously. No suits were filed, but Nintendo offered up this money in order to prevent them.

9. Mario’s full name is Mario Mario

Since Mario and his brother Luigi are known as the Mario brothers, it could be inferred that their last name is Mario. The game creators, however, deny this.

10. Mario may be high on mushrooms during his game adventures

His ability to grow and shrink due to mushroom consumption is inspired from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, and by the looks of his experience (magical flying creatures, intense colors and so on), he may be quite high. This was confirmed by the character’s creator himself in a 2005 interview, when he stated that the game is indeed inspired from Alice in Wonderland and that the famous book is believed by scholars to definitely be an allegory for drug use.