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The cold weather is officially upon us. As temperatures start to go down, most people would bury themselves in bulky coats, gigantic ski-gloves, and frumpy scarves. They’ll do anything to keep themselves warm, style be damned. You need to remember that your clothes are a visual extension of your personality. To help you dress sharp for fall and winter, we riffled through the biggest men’s fashion trends for fall/winter 2018 you need to know about.

Here are some of the men’s fashion trends to take straight from the runway to your closet. Let’s bring these men’s fall fashion trends 2018 to life.


Men's fashion trends: Layering

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Winter weather can be unpredictable. One day it’s as cold as hell, the next balmy. Since it’s hard to tell what the weather will bring, you need to dress smart to stay warm throughout the season. Layering is key to protecting yourself from the outside elements. But there are some pretty adventurous layering ideas going on in the upper echelons of the fashion industry right now.

2018 menswear sent a clear message this year: more is more. In fact, the models were wearing so many garments, they appeared five times bigger than usual.

The trend may be difficult to emulate. But if you’d like to wear the layered trend, grab a trench coat in a neutral tone and mix it with other items already in your closet. This will give you quick and dirty layered look. Hugo Boss topped suits and tailored blazers with their traditional gray oversized trench.

80s men’s fashion trends are back in style

80s men’s fashion trends are back in style 

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Men’s fashion trends come and go. This season, the 1980s fashion is back in a big way. In fact, power suiting, wild animal prints, sequins galore, and even shoulder pads were all over the Fall 2018 runways.

Love it or hate it, there is no doubt that 80s fashion is coming on strong. Whether you opt for power suiting and oversized shoulders from Givenchy and Versace or oversized outerwear from Marc Jacobs,

big and bold is the name of the game this season.

Brown is the new black

Brown is the new black 

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Brown has been shunned by the masses for years. Most people think of it as drab and ugly. But things are taking an interesting turn as more and more people are starting to embrace this under-appreciated hue. In fact, brown is the new black for men’s autumn fashion 2018.

The beauty of the chocolate takeover is that brown brown looks good on everyone. From chocolate, to beige, taupe, walnut, and tan, there is something to suit all taste. The key is to find the right shade for you.

Get on board with this season’s hot chocolate trend. You’d be surprised what this low-key earth tone can do for your style.

Winter brights

Men's fashion trends: Winter brights 

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Neon is a trend no one can ignore this season. Designers like Armani, Louis Vuitton, Jeremy Scott, and Brandon Maxwell lit up the runways as they showcased a colorful selection of ultra bright pieces. Their collection made a very strong case for ditching neutral palette in favor of some vivid hues. Now, neon is one of the biggest men’s fashion trends for fall and winter.

Winter is often full of dreary shades of brown, black, and gray . Winter fashion will no longer be dull and boring this season with the introduction of bold and bright colors into everyday outfit. It is best worn as a standout pop of color against a beige, gray, navy or black outfit.

Add a pop of neon detailing to shift the entire feel of an outfit. Choose one clothing item and let it shout. Don’t overdo it. One is enough.

Leather is in

Men's fashion trends: Leather

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Patent leather is one of the biggest men’s fashion trends this fall 2018. In fact, it is the most dominant of all fabrics this season.

Leather comes in so many shapes, silhouettes, and looks. It can be boots, jacket, pants, vest, or any other accessory. Big designer brands such as Givenchy, Hermes, and Valentino featured the material in different colors and silhouettes.

Leather jackets are a great way to toughen up your look. Pair it with a black shirt. This works well for an evening or going out look. If you’re quite fancy and you want to smarten up your look, try mixing your leather jacket with tailored trousers.



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Shearling jackets are crafted from the actual skin of a sheep or lamb. It is the perfect way to embrace the colder months in comfort. But if cost and ecology plays a part in your decision making, faux shearling is a great alternative. They look as good as the real thing, and save you money in the process.

Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, and Gucci all featured luxurious faux options. They pledged not to use real fur and lived up to their promise.

For a versatile, off-duty look, consider a shearling curduroy jacket. The darker color of the exterior comands less attention, but still retains that classic style. You may also wear it with a classic pair of denim jeans, alongside a crewneck shirt.


Men's fashion trends: Logo Mania 

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We’ve received a memo that logomania has returned. This time, it’s bolder than ever. It’s the perfect way for referencing the season without the need to deveop new lines.

Following the success of Gucci side-striped tracksuits, big fashion houses are assuming the style heritage they rejected for so long. This time, the runways were packed with slogans and brands positioned vertically on jackets or running down the side of pants.

The 2015 fashion trends haven’t changed too much into 2016, but there are still some new trends for men to keep in mind. The fall 2016 fashion trends are just as relevant for men as they are for women. Particularly in a professional setting, your appearance can stand in the way of moving forward in the company. Paying attention to your appearance impacts the way other people look at you. Keep in mind these fashion trends of 2016 and impress everyone around you.

Fashion Fall 2016 options include boots, prints, colors, and coats. You’re not limited to one style. Look at the following fashion trends 2016 and decide what’s right for you.

Bomber Jackets



Bomber jackets are a favorite Fall 2016 fashion trend because they’re so versatile. Dress them up or down. They also come in so many different materials. One style of jacket can create so many different looks. They are appropriate for the classic wearer as well as someone who wants to stand out. All you have to do is change the material. Change up your material to suede, wool, or velvet.

Since this is the season of Fall, you’ll never fail with neutral colors. Complement the falling leaves with colors such as copper, burgundy, and burnt oranges and browns.

Fall Inspired Colors




To follow up on the colors of bomber jackets, fall colors are present in every piece of clothing. It’s time to go beyond the dark blues, browns, blacks, and grays. While the colors will never go away, you can liven your outfit with the new copper colors trend. As was mentioned before, the changing landscapes inspire fall colors every year.

Copper is a popular color showing up in menswear such as coats, pants, and sweaters. Copper is a new neutral. It stands out and it goes with everything. Ginger is a brown like copper, but with a yellow undertone. It looks great on coats and boots.

Other fall colors that are showing up in menswear are purples, soft greens, and coffee colors. As you gather your fall capsule wardrobe of boots, sweaters, and bomber and duster jackets, they should keep in mind adding fall colors to make them stand out. Whether your style is classic or if you’re a fashion risk-taker, you won’t go wrong with these colors.

Fall Boots



Boots are a must-have for the Fall season. You aren’t limited to one boot style. You can choose from styles such as hiking boots, Chelsea boots, brogue boots, or derby boots. You can choose from materials such as leather, suede, or more. Make sure you save your suede boot styles for dry days so they won’t get ruined.

Chelsea boots are popular in Britain and with celebrities. Brands such as Ted Baker and Paul Smith have produced some of the top boots. Hiking boots are not limited to rough terrains. They’ll also suit you well for walks to work or a night at the bar. They’re comfortable and strong enough to withstand everything. Derby boots are also strong enough to wear from fall through the tough winters.

You can keep your boot colors in black or dark brown for easy matches to any outfit or try brighter colors.




 Plaids are a Fall 2016 fashion trend that comes back every year. Plaid can be found on shirts, sweaters, even coats. The minimum plaid piece that you need is a plaid shirt. Why? It’s one bold piece that will liven a simple outfit. You can wear it in a casual or professional setting.

Plaid is just about anywhere in 2016 Fall fashion. If you’re the plain type who is looking to experiment with patterns, start off with a plaid piece, even if it’s just a tie. A plaid item is something that you can invest in that will keep you on trend this Fall.

A popular Fall plaid item is flannel. It’s come fall beyond lumberjack fashion. Flannel comes in cotton and wool, making it one of the most diverse items for Fall. Some good brands to shop with include Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal Line, or Norse Projects if you’re willing to invest a few bucks.

No matter what your style is, you can find 2016 Fall fashion trends that will fit in with it. Try a pattern like plaid, or experiment with warm Fall colors. Shop for stylish yet functional Fall boots. The good thing about Fall is that it’s cool but not too cold, so you can still show off your clothes. Don’t let the fashion trends 2016 you pick go to waste. Hold off on the heavy coats as long as you can and layer your pieces instead. The 2016 fall trends have something that will work for you.