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Talk about a great start to the week. Dudepins was covered by StartupPlays and Techvibes…and its only Tuesday.

StartupPlays which is an online accelerator declared Dudepins in the top 35 startups that TechCrunch missed. They placed us tenth amongst other new and great startups like BetaPunch and Gijit. We think this is great considering we are only about 3 weeks into our beta.

Then Techvibes turns around and features us in a very well written article highlighting our Canadian roots. Techvibes is dedicated to covering social, mobile, and startup news that impacts Canadians. They have been around since 2002 and are a major resource for the Canadian startup community.

Both recognize that there is room for Dudepins next to Pinterest since there is such a massive difference in the type of content shared. We want to thank all of our amazing users and all those involved in our community for this. It’s been great to attract those who share and enjoy ‘dude stuff’. College Humor created a hilarious animated video about this difference in content titled “The Fall of Pinterest“. It is a must watch and is absolutely hilarious.




Dudepins Hits Beta List

The Dude —  May 18, 2012

The word is spreading! Recently, Beta List featured Dudepins on their homepage. Beta List is a curated and up-to-date listing of internet startups that are currently in private beta or will be in beta soon. In case you didn’t know, Dudepins falls into this category. Dudepins hails from Vancouver British Columbia Canada which is also the birthplace of other notable tech companies such as Hootsuite, Mobify and Plenty of Fish.

The startup ecosystem is an interesting one right now. There are major acquisitions like Facebook’s billion+ dollar acquisition of Instagram even though Instagram had no consistent revenue. The number of venture capital firms has been declining since the Dot-com bubble. It seems like we are entering an entrepreneurial age. The USA recognized this and amended the JOBS act to include the CROWFUND act which allows entrepreneurs to take on hundreds of shareholders with micro-investments. This act basically copies crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdtilt.

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