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As a guy, you’re wired for greatness! You’re gifted to scale the heights of achievement. How you define and train yourself determines whether you’ll be successful.Many men have a vague sense of who they are. You may be surprised to realize what you actually think of yourself. What’s more, your self-definition may not be accurate. Poor self-worth prevents you from expressing your highest potential. It also sidelines the discipline required.3811ed75b743c8ebcc7c49d1d4813bf5

This blog will help to clarify your self-image. You’ll also see how self-esteem equips you to fulfill ambitions.

Self Respect Definition



First, let’s clearly define self respect. What are the indicators of this attribute?

  • You appreciate your personality.
  • You’re at peace with its character flaws.
  • You trust your judgment.
  • You know you’re worthy of being treated well.
  • You don’t compromise your values and principles.
  • You consider yourself capable of handling challenges.

Do you lack self-worth?



Now let’s examine the other end of the spectrum. When you’re short in self-assurance, here are the signs:

  • You habitually criticize yourself.
  • You may be driven by perfectionism.
  • Chronic indecision is a constant companion since you fear making mistakes.
  • You often feel guilty for your behavior.
  • You’re hyper-sensitive to what people think of you.
  • Your overall view of life is pessimistic.

How do you regard yourself?



One way to discern your self-image is observing your inner dialogue. If you have self-respect, your mental conversation contains affirmations:

“I’m skilled at handling problems.”
“I’m responsive to the needs of others.”
“I have sound judgment.”
“I’m fun to be around.”

Low self-esteem sounds like this:

“I make lousy decisions.”
“I’m always missing opportunities.”
“My life is a mess.”
“I’m doomed.”

What are the root causes of self-sabotage?



Before tracing the source of a poor self-image, let’s discuss why it’s important to do this. If you don’t know why a harmful record keeps playing in your head, you won’t be able to stop it. Your negative self-conceptions will magnetically attract unpleasant conditions. Renowned life coach John Kreiter suggests this exercise to determine why you may not like yourself:

1. Schedule a 15-minute block of quiet time. Close your eyes and think of an aspect of your life that’s causing unhappiness. Perhaps it’s a job situation or relationship.

2. Watch the thoughts that float across your mental screen.

3. Ask yourself why you think this way.

4. Determine whether your thought is true or a misconception.

5. If the belief is true, think about what you can do to change it. If it’s false, replace the myth with a constructive thought.

6. By substituting positive self-dialogue, your mind will open to new possibilities. Then you’ll be psyched to modify behavior.

7. When the lie resurfaces, swap it for your upbeat thought.

8. When you see good results from adopting new mental habits, it creates a positive feedback loop. Now you’ll be inspired to repeat those actions. In effect, you’re sowing the seeds of discipline.

How do you cultivate self-worth?

First, post this quote in a place where you’ll see it often:

Respect yourself enough to walk away from what’s unhealthy for you.

Then, follow the suggestions of Dani DiPirro, creator of

1. Don’t compromise your aspirations.

Another way of saying this is, “Don’t settle for less than your best effort.”

2. Overlook your bloopers.

Remember, all men make mistakes. Try to view them as learning experiences rather than cause for regret. Self-reproach wastes the energy you need to move forward.

3. Forgive those who’ve hurt you.

Granted, it isn’t easy to release the pain of injustice. Remembering the benefits of amnesty helps:

  • You hone the ability to manage unpleasant emotions.
  • Troubled relationships become agreeable.
  • Others’ actions are easier to understand.
  • You forge tolerance.
  • Shedding the weight of negativity is uplifting.

4. Keep the company of supportive people.

Spending time with those who value you reinforces a positive self-image. It underscores the fact that you’re worth knowing. When people compliment you, savor their praise. When you’re commended for doing something well, soak up the verbal sunshine. Periodically, take stock of your abilities. Confidence increases self-esteem.

5. Be kind to your body.

Let’s face it, guys. We tend to be either excessive or negligent when it comes to self-care. Try to aim for moderation with food, exercise, work, and recreation. Find healthy ways to release tension.

6. Don’t compare yourself to other men.

When you measure your lifestyle against that of other guys, you lose sight of what makes you great. Live by your own values. Then, celebrate your personal accomplishments!

How do you acquire discipline?



Now that we’ve defined self-respect, how does it relate to achieving goals? Self-worth fosters the self-control required for discipline. We can express this concept as an equation:

Self Respect Definition x Self Control = Discipline

Here’s a light bulb moment! By trading encouraging dialogue for self-degradation, you’re developing self-control. Do you see the link?

If the idea of discipline elicits dread, think of it this way instead. Combating resistance is in your best interest. Think of the prize at the end of your climb! When tempted to succumb to weakness, visualize the reward. You have the inborn willpower to overthrow all obstacles.

You’re Worthy

By now, you have a precise definition of self respect. Aware of your special abilities, you’ll naturally want to preserve them. Discipline is taking the steps that ensure success. Think well of yourself to realize your dreams!