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purple bed features ll manufacturing product recycled (no waste), no toxic chemicals, all recyclable packaging


With a highly successful Kickstarter campaign and wildly creative marketing efforts, Purple has made a name for itself in the direct-to-customer mattress industry. Made with a completely unique material, the Purple Bed is one of the most interesting mattresses available on the market. Read on to learn more all about Purple Bed mattresses and what innovations they offer to sleepy consumers.

Purple The Bed: Pros & Cons


  • best for side sleepers
  • slightly warmer than the conventional spring mattress
  • great customer service


  • expensive
  • bed is too firm

Purple The Bed

purple bed featuring  Air Flow technology with breathable channels neutralizes temperatures and won’t trap heat like memory foam or latex.

What is the Purple Bed?

Purple Bed is an independent mattress company founded by two engineer brothers on Kickstarter in 2015. Proficient in aerospace materials and manufacturing, brothers Tony and Terry used their expert skills to design a better cushioning material for wheelchairs and sporting goods. Using their breakthrough patented hyper-elastic polymer material the Pearce Brothers realized they could create high-quality mattresses at a fraction of the normal cost.

What is the Purple Bed Made Of?

purple bed featuring  Air Flow technology with breathable channels neutralizes temperatures and won’t trap heat like memory foam or latex.

Purple Bed mattresses are made of a unique material known as a hyper-elastic polymer that the Pearce brothers invented in 1996. It is a soft yet strong material that is able to stretch up to 15 times its resting size and is often compared to latex. Before used to make mattresses, the Pearce brothers filed over 30 patents for their polymer material. The material can be found in a diverse list of products, including medical beds, backpack straps, shoe insoles, toy balls, and wheelchair cushions.

What are the Benefits of a Purple Bed Mattress?

purple bed features ll manufacturing product recycled (no waste), no toxic chemicals, all recyclable packaging

One of the major benefits found in the Purple Bed is the relief of pressure that comes from the unique top comfort layer. The hyper-elastic polymer layer adapts to your body’s pressure points, allowing you to lay comfortably on the surface. The company also claims their unique material will properly align your spine no matter what position you fall asleep in.

What Sizes Does the Purple Bed Come In?

One of the greatest features of Purple Bed is the ability to customize your mattress to find the right size and comfort level for your best nights sleep. Besides carrying mattress sizes from a Twin XL to a Cali King, customers ordering the New Purple Bed can also choose the size of the Smart Comfort Grid layer for maximum comfort. Currently, the company offers mattresses with 2, 3, and 4-inch layers of hyper-elastic polymer.

How Does the Purple Bed Feel?

Users who have tried the product agree that the mattress has a very unique feel unlike any mattress on the market. The combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer material makes for a more responsive support. This allows you to rest comfortably on the top of the mattress without sinking in too deep. Most reviewers that have tried the Purple Bed rate it as medium-firm, and note that the hyper-elastic polymer has a certain amount of bounce to it.

How Many Layers Does the Mattress Have?

The Original Purple Bed comprises 4 different layers: a stretch cover, a 2” comfort layer, and a final two layers of high-density foam base. The top layer is made of hyper-elastic polymer for maximum pressure relief, referred to as the Smart Comfort Grid. Beneath that is a double-layer base of high-density support foam.

The New Purple Mattress adds a thicker layer of the hyper-elastic polymer material and replaces the foam base with more responsive, individually wrapped support coils. The New Purple Bed consists of a total of 5 layers: a premium stretch cover, 2”, 3”, or 4” of hyper-elastic polymer material, 7.5” comfort coils, and two sheets of foam to keep the layers separate.

How is the Motion Transfer on the Mattress?

Like most foam-based mattresses, the Purple Bed is able to easily absorb motion. This means that you will be able to move around in your bed without causing any disruption to your partner.

Does the Mattress Have Edge Support?

Edge support is important in a mattress, as it can be one of the only things keeping you from rolling onto the floor. This is especially significant if you are larger or sharing your bed with a partner. Reviewers state that while the Purple Bed has adequate edge support, you should try to avoid the sides as much as possible while sleeping.

Does the Mattress Sleep Hot?

purple bed features ll manufacturing product recycled (no waste), no toxic chemicals, all recyclable packaging

One of the major complaints that customers have about foam mattresses is their tendency to store heat. This can make a mattress uncomfortable to sleep on, especially on a hot night. To combat this, the Pearce brothers designed their Smart Comfort Grid with air pockets. This ensures that any heat will pass through, keeping the surface of the mattress much cooler.

Will the Mattress Give Off a Weird Smell?

Many memory foam mattresses give off a distinct odor after initial set up. This is known as off-gassing and can be caused by the release of chemicals. To avoid any off-gassing in their products, Purple uses a non-memory foam base on all their mattresses. While there may be a faint ‘new mattress’ smell after it’s initial set up, the smell will fade away within a few days.

Does the Purple Mattress Raw Egg Test Actually Work?

When the Purple Bed brand first came into the spotlight, the brand distinguished itself by using a unique test to prove how pressures relieving their mattresses are. Purple began posting videos of people placing raw eggs on their mattresses and then laying themselves directly on top of the egg. The egg sinks into the mattress and stays intact, despite having the weight of a human being on top of it. Videos posted by fans and mattress reviewers show that, surprisingly, this test typically seems to work. This shows just how pressure relieving the hyper-elastic polymer material is

What Kind of Foundation Does the Mattress Need?

You will not need a box spring, as the springs can break down over time and cause the mattress to sag in certain areas. Purple Bed recommends using a platform base, slats, box foundation, or any flat, sturdy surface. You can even put a Purple Bed mattress directly onto a floor.

How Does the Purple Bed Compare?

Purple Bed mattresses are just one of the many independent bed-in-a-box mattress solutions available on the market. Other notable direct-to-customer retailers include Casper, Ghostbed, and Leesa.

Casper is an all foam mattress broken down into four different layers: responsive polyfoam, memory foam, polyfoam, and support foam. Not unlike the Purple Bed, Casper mattresses are firm enough to support your body while distributing your weight to alleviate pressure points.


Ghostbed stands a bit thicker than the Original Purple Mattress with 11” of comfort materials. The Ghostbed mattress consists of three layers: aerated latex foam, gel memory foam, and a base of support foam. Both latex and gel memory foam materials are well known for their pressure-relieving abilities, along with their ability to dispel excess heat.

Leesa has been a leader of the bed-in-a-box industry for quite some time and is much more established that the Purple Bed brand. The Leesa mattress consists of three layers of foam, including a top layer of Avena foam, a middle layer of memory foam, and a base support foam layer. Avena foam is known for its quick response, cooling effects, and bounce. It is often compared to latex, not unlike the hyper-elastic polymer found in Purple Bed mattresses.

How Can I Buy a Purple Bed?

Purple Bed mattresses are only available online through the company itself. You can also purchase one through the Purple retailer on Amazon. At this time, Purple Beds are not sold in stores.

How Much Does the Purple Bed Cost?

The price of the Original Purple Bed ranges based on what size mattress you need:

  • Twin XL: $699
  • Full: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1,299
  • Cali King: $1,299

Pricing on the New Purple Bed ranges based on the mattress size and the thickness of the top comfort layer:

  • Purple 2” Smart Comfort Grid

    • Twin XL: $1,299
    • Full: $1,499
    • Queen: $1,599
    • King: $1,899
    • Cali King: $1,899
  • Purple 3” Smart Comfort Grid

    • Twin XL: $1,899
    • Full: $2,099
    • Queen: $2,199
    • King: $2,699
    • Cali King: $2,699
  • Purple 4” Smart Comfort Grid

    • Twin XL: $2,499
    • Full: $2,699
    • Queen: $2,799
    • King: $3,499
    • Cali King: $3,499

Purple Bed also offers financing programs to allow customers to pay for their mattress over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Does the Mattress Come With a Warranty?

All Purple Bed mattresses come with a 10 Year Warranty that covers any manufacturing errors. This includes a visible indentation greater than one inch, or a failing of any of the mattress materials. Purple Beds will only be under warranty if they are used on a firm, flat surface that can uphold the weight of the mattress. Warranties will also become void if there are any signs of damage, abuse, or neglect. Purple suggests covering the mattress with a stretchy mattress protector to avoid any damage.

Is There a Trial Period for the Mattress?

Since Purple Bed mattresses are not available in stores, it can be difficult to test whether a Purple Bed is right for you. To ensure absolute satisfaction, Purple offers a 100 Night No Pressure Guarantee. This is a trial period that allows you to try a Purple Bed mattress in your home for 100 nights. If you find you are unsatisfied with the Purple Bed for any reason, you can contact the company to come to pick it back up at no cost to you.

How Does the Purple Bed Ship?

Purple offers free shipping on all orders of the Purple Bed. When buying directly from the Purple website, it can take up to 4 weeks for your mattress to arrive, depending on how many orders Purple has to fill. You can buy an Original Purple Bed from Amazon and utilize their 2 Day Prime Shipping, but be warned that you won’t be able to take advantage of their 100-night sleep trial.

The Original Purple Mattress is delivered directly to your house in a large purple tube. It is the customer’s responsibility to set up the mattress in their bedroom. The New Purple Mattress cannot be shipped the same way, due to the addition of coils. Purple offers customers who buy the New Purple Mattress free in-home set up, along with old mattress removal.

How Do I Set Up the Mattress?

If you purchased an Original Purple Mattress, it is your responsibility to set the mattress up in your home. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to

  1. Grab a Friend. Purple suggests that you have at least one person help you set up your mattress to avoid any strain or injury.
  2. Lift Mattress Onto Bed. With your assistant on the opposite side, lift the mattress onto the bed at the same time.
  3. Cut Open Outer Tube. Once the mattress is on the foundation, unzip the tube to retrieve a small cutting tool. Use this tool to cut down the length of the outer tube.
  4. Remove Plastic Layers. Purple Bed mattresses are covered with thin plastic layers to ensure there is no damage during the shipping process. Remove all the plastic layers before moving on to the last step.
  5. Unroll The Mattress. The final step is to unroll the mattress completely to lay it flat on your bed. Make sure that the mattress is fully secure on your foundation, and there are no gaps that can cause sagging.

Is the Purple Bed Right for Me?

If you’re looking for a highly supportive mattress at a low price range, a Purple Bed might be the right choice for you. With benefits such as pressure relief, cool sleeping, and reduced motion transfer, the Purple Bed stands up to the top mattresses at a fraction of the price. If you’re still unsure that the Purple Bed is right for you, you can always take advantage of their 100 Night No Pressure Guarantee to try it out for yourself.





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