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The Pan Am and Parapan Games will bring 7,500 athletes together for one of the toughest competitions of their lives. Continue Reading…

We’ve seen the folk over at Red Bull doing some pretty crazy things, this backflip over an airplane takes it yet again to a whole new level. Take a few minutes and watch this epic video of a guy, on a dirt bike, doing an insane backflip over a flying Aerobatic Airplane. Continue Reading…

We at Dudepins are continuing our commitment to dude stuff by adding a forum. Before we just let you share your favourite picture and videos (which is awesome!) but now you have a place to talk about them. Have questions about where a picture came from, what gun is best suitable for what, or if a video is real or not? battle it out on the forum; You can talk Cars, Sports, Politics.. whatever.
Our Forum Topics are:

  1. General Discussion
  2. Man up. Introduce Yourself.
  3. News & Politics
  4. Sports
  5. Cars, Bikes, Boats & Planes
  6. Style
  7. Entertainment
  8. Dude Gear & Hobbies

Also, if you find bugs on the website or just want to provide some general feedback this is the best place to do it.

Here’s to making Dudepins just that much better,

The Dudes