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One of the most exciting reasons to watch the Superbowl 2013 is to see all the the creative commercials that companies spend millions showcasing. In fact, one of the main reasons that some people watch the superbowl is to see those ads. We wanted to take some time to put together a list of all the ads being shown at the Superbowl 2013, Raiders vs. Ravens.

We took some time to put together a list of the available commercials, and commercial teasers, for you to see and experience what the buzz is all about. Remember, companies spend the greater part of the year putting together a showcase for millions to see, so judge, scrutinize and let us know how you think they have done.

Aside from that, where are you watching the Super bowl this year? Who with? and what are you cooking? Need suggestions, check out Dudepins for some great Superbowl party ideas.


Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom”

Audi always does a great job of putting together visually stunning commercials, here’s a great tribute to the typical young man’s struggle.. i.e. getting that girl. Well done Audi!


Asking Amy – Best Buy 2013 Superbowl Commercial Sneak Peak

Watch this teaser of Best Buy’s talked about Superbowl spot, it features the very loveable Amy Pohler, so we know we’re in for a good one!


Budweiser Black Crown Superbowl – The Arrival Commercial

The Mystery, the untold… What could Budweiser have brewing this time around… pun intended.


Tide Stain Saver – This is a funny one

Tide is usually pretty good at targeting their ideal demographic, here’s a classic example of them getting the job done right.



AXE Apollo – Lifegaurd TV Commercial

Axe is one of those brands that we know always has something interesting to see and show. This preview to the 2013 Superbowl spot is a great example of a well targeted commercial; you’ll see what we mean.



Fiat 500 Abarth – 2013 Superbowl Topless Commercial

With this ad, Fiat takes a leap of faith and pulls of a bold commercial that, in our opinion, gets the job done.



Speed Stick – Unattended Laundry Commercial – You need the machine, you got the panty-ha….

Well done Speed stick



Bud Light – Lucky Chair: 15

Another interesting preview of what BudLight has in store for this years Superbowl.



Taco Bell – Viva Young 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial

Oldtimers kick it, what else do we need to say!



Pepsi NEXT 2013 Superbowl Commercial

Budweiser’s 2013 Super Bowl ad features their famous Clydesdales horses — and introducing their newest foal, who was just 7 days old during the shoot.



Volkswagon 2013 Superbowl – Get in. Get Happy.

Meet Dave and his newfound sunny disposition (that manifests itself in a curious way), all thanks to his new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle.



M&M 2013 Superbowl Commercial – I’m sexy and I know it!

Hey, who doesn’t think M&M’s are sexy?



GoDaddy 2013 Commercial –

After watching this commercial we think we are going to be buying domains on the regular…



Doritos Express Checkout – Crash the Superbowl 2013 Finalist

This commercial was the winner of a contest aimed at choosing the best fan made creation to air at the Superbowl 2013.



Coke (Coca-Cola) 2013 Superbowl Commercial – Chase

The race is on!



That’s it folks, hope you all enjoyed the commercial that are going to play at this years Superbowl. Enjoy that game and post up your best game day shots on Dudepins – – The Site for Men and Manly Interests.