The Best Aviation (Flight) Mens Watches

Kamil Szybalski —  October 6, 2014

The Dudepins team has written several posts about the best mens watches, but this post is dedicated specifically to watches for men that are modelled after the timely classic, pilot (flight) wrist watches. Represented by large faces, dials and big bold numbers, the pilots watch is an essential member of any Man’s watch collection.

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So sit back and enjoy this tour of some beautiful aviation inspired best watches for men in 2013 and past. We may all have heard of brands such as IWC (International Watch Co.) and Breitling, but we have made an effort to keep the wallet a little lighter with this list of manly time pieces. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with some of our findings.

The Torgeon Swiss Men’s Aviation Leather strap – $316 – Buy Now

This Torgeon mens watch features a beautiful cream face, bold dials and timeless leather strap. At only $316 dollars, you can’t go wrong adding this beauty to your watches collection.

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Laco Men’s 1925 Pilot Classic – $1,098 – Buy Now *only 3 in stock

Now here’s a true classic. This Laco Pilot’s watch features a classic black face, stunning numerical and of course a leather strap. The Laco 861751 DORTMUND from Laco Pilot Watches has a 45 mm wide by 13 mm thick sandblasted stainless steel case; inspired by the original War World II Laco Pilot Watches manufactured for the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) The Laco 861751 is powered by Swiss Mechanical hand wind movement (ETA 2804.02) Buy one today.

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Invicta men’s force collection watch – $102.88 – Buy Now

At only $109 dollars, this beautiful Pilot’s watch is an absolute no brainer! If you don’t have a pilot’s watch in your collection, then now’s the time to jump on this one. Regularly listed at $695 dollars and now only $102, this big white faced Invicta is sure to catch any watch aficionados eye. Don’t delay and pick one up today.

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Timex Mens aviator watch – $128.33 – Buy Now

Last we have another beauty from Timex. This watch again features the typical big face of most aviator watches. The black face looks fantastic on this watch and the ring mechanism has all the gadgets fit for any aspiring pilot or watch aficionado; it’s truly ranked amonth the best watches for men. Buy Now

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Want to see more? Browse this great catalog of Men’s watches and aviator watches for Men.

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Kamil Szybalski