The Dudette (Women) Category iS Live!

The Dude —  May 27, 2013

We heard your calls and we are here to please.. earlier today we launched the Dudette category, what this is is essentially a category filled with photos of beautiful women. Prior to today, we, the website for men and manly interests, unfortunately had to remove most pictures of women, as we could not filter them to keep the website SFW (Safe for Work). That problem is solved.

Moving forward, you will see a category called ‘Dudette’, when you click on that category, you will see a lander that warns you that you are about to enter potentially NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. If you proceed, fantastic, if you turn back, that’s ok too. We did this to ensure that Dudepins continues to be clean and SFW while also making sure that we didn’t remove what we all love so much… beautiful women.

If you have montages that currently contain ‘Dudette’ type photos, you simply need to re-categorize them to the ‘Dudette’ category. If you don’t, then go ahead and create a montage and categorize it as ‘Dudette’.

So… without further delay, go forth and explore the land of Dudettes….

Have questions? Just ask!

The Dudes

The Dude

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