Top 10 Best Manly Classic Cocktails Recipes

The Dude —  November 18, 2014

Not all cocktails can satisfy our rugged tastes. That’s why Dudepins is here to bring you the top 10 manly classic cocktails. Cocktails from across the globe battled it out for a spot on this list. Okay that didn’t really happen, but we’ve chosen these cocktails based on a rigorous scale of simplicity and robustness. You don’t just drink these concoctions, they drink you back. There won’t be any pinks, pastels, or crèmes that you find in those cosmopolitans and grasshoppers. Garnishes are minimalist, with none of that elaborate stuff reminiscent of a Martha Stewart Magazine in a cup.

The only time you’ll see ~tini will be in a Martini, and a damn dirty one. Yeah, I’m talking to you Apple-tini and Bellini-tini; Just the sound of it makes me want to watch a football game while battling it out in a boxing ring, with a bottle of whiskey to keep me hydrated. The top 10 are the kind our forefathers discussed the state of affairs over in cigar-smoked rooms. Remember that the next time you contemplate ordering something at the bar that’s sugary sweet with umbrellas. Keep these cocktail recipes under your sleeve and whip them up anytime for yourself or guests. If someone asks for a fruity cocktail, just say you have morals, it’s an excellent excuse if you end up only learning how to make these top 10.

New to cocktails, check out this bartending starter kit . Many will call for ice cubes, but if you want to get a little creative try out these Scotch rocks instead of ice. These are great also because they won’t melt and dilute your drink. There’s nothing worse after an excellent debate with your pals to find your drink watered down and weak. All the liquor can be found at your local liquor store, and all fruit garnishes can probably be found in your fridge. Read on and try these recipes out. Don’t worry too much about measurements, make it your own, just no umbrellas please.


10. Old Fashioned:

This cocktail is the father of all cocktails. Abraham Lincoln would drink something akin to this, minus maybe the cherry and orange wedge. Don’t want the cherry, no worries, DO IT YOUR WAY. Cheers to freedom! The recipe calls for muddling, this just means mashing the heck out of the first couple of ingredients. You can buy a muddler or just use the back of a spoon.

Old Fashioned Cocktail(Source –

  • oz bourbon whiskey
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 splash water
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 maraschino cherry
  • 1 orange wedge

Mix sugar, water and angostura bitters in an old-fashioned glass. Drop in a cherry and an orange wedge. Muddle into a paste using a muddler or the back end of a spoon. Pour in bourbon, fill with ice cubes, and stir.


9. Cuban Manhattan

This is a twist on the tradition Manhattan cocktail that originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City. We like this one better because Cuba is known for their badass cigars and rum.


  • ¾ oz dry vermouth
  • ¾ oz rosso vermouth
  • 1 oz white rum
  • 2 – 3 dashes Angostura bitter

Stir well over ice cubes in a mixing glass, and strain into an old-fashioned glass. Add a stemmed cherry, and serve.


8. Rob Roy:

This one is an easy, simple, and down to earth cocktail that originated from New York City. Named after a Scottish folk hero from a New York based play in the 1890’s. Whip this up with ease and you’ll feel like a hero.

(Source –

  • 1 1/2 oz Scotch Whiskey
  • 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

Stir ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.


7. Gimlet

This cocktail was named after the boring tool. The Gimlet is known for its “hammering effects,” which is why it’s on our top 10. Plus it’s named after a very useful and indispensable tool. Get the job done with the Gimlet.

(Source –

  • 2 oz London dry gin
  • 2/3 oz Rose’s lime juice

Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled high ball glass.


6. Tom Collins:

Everybody likes a good laugh, and apparently Tom Collins was the beginning of many hoaxes back in the day. Do you know Tom Collins? No, you don’t, he’s an imaginary character who’s talking about you. Not cool, but this drink sure is; Refreshing and perfect for those dog days of summer.

(Source –

  • 2 ounces gin
  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon superfine sugar
  • 4 ounces cold club soda
  • slice of orange and a maraschino cherry

Shake gin, lemon juice, and sugar with ice, then pour into a chilled collins glass filled with ice. Add club soda and garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry.


5. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail is a very fitting name for this cocktail. It has a biting hot taste not fit for the faint of heart. Pshh, nothing we can’t handle.

  • 1 ½ oz Scothc whisky
  • ½ oz Drambuie Scotch whisky
  • 1 twist lemon peel

Pour the scotch and drambuie into an old-fashioned glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Garnish with the lemon twist.


4. Dirty Martini

“Shaken, not stirred.” James bond drinks this, enough said. Plus it’s basically pure alcohol with salty brine. Its popularity rose during prohibition, so it’s kinda a rebel.

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 tbsp dry vermouth
  • 2 tbsp olive juice
  • 2 olives

Place an ice cube and a small amount of water in a cocktail glass. Place in freezer for 2 – 3 minutes. Fill a mixer with all ingredients including garnish. Cover and shake hard 3 – 4 times. Remove cocktail glass from freezer, and empty. Strain contents of the mixer into the cocktail glass, include one of the olives, and serve with a mysterious smile.


3. Gold Rush

You’ll be rushing out to get the ingredients for this delicious amalgamation of bourbon, lemon and honey. Make it, drink it, and feel like a million bucks.


(Source –


  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
  • ¾ oz honey syrup


Shake with ice and strain into a chilled double rocks glass over ice.



2. Sidecar:

The name conjures up images of cruising down the countryside with a Megan Fox look alike in your sidecar. We can dream right?


(Source –

  • ¾ oz triple sec
  • ½ oz cognac
  • ¾ oz lemon juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.


1. The Godfather :

The name says it all, Capisce?

(Source –

  • 1 ½ oz Scotch
  • ½ oz Amaretto

Pour the scotch and amaretto in an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Stir well.

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