The Top 10 Dudepins Posts of All Time

Trevor Molag —  January 13, 2014

Maybe you’re not familiar with it, but the trending view on shows you the posts that have the most activity.  Here are the top 10 Dudepins posts of all time – add them to your boards by clicking on the pictures. (These have been editorialized a bit so that all the images are the right size for the blog, two of the actual top ten didn’t make it).

10 – 80’s – Post It


E.T., Indy, and several other characters I’m too young to pretend to be nostalgic about make an appearance in this take on The Last Supper.

9 – A Man’s Breakfast – Post It



However you feel about eating guns, or the whole demotivational shtick, you gotta admit – that is one manly breakfast.

8 – Manly Man’s Soap Dispenser – Post It


This just might be the second best thing that you could find inside of a Jack Daniel’s Bottle.

7 – How a Gent’s Closet Should Look – Post It



I’m not 100% convinced that this picture wasn’t snapped inside of a shop somewhere, but regardless of where it was taken, I think we can agree that this is the ideal closet look.

6 – Who Doesn’t Want a Rolex.. – Post It


I do, that’s for sure. Especially if it looks like that. If there’s one thing that Dudepins does well, it’s watches.

5 – America’s Game – Post It


We may be from Canada, but this is an image we totally approve of – a great take on baseball and our neighbours to the south.

4 – Friends don’t let friends skip leg day… – Post It


For this dude’s sake, I hope it’s a photoshopped image.  Unfortunately, we’ve all seen guys sort of like this one at the gym.  Don’t skip leg day!

3 – No Seriously, Don’t Move – Post It


It seems like even Dudepins isn’t immune from the funny animal pictures that are found all over the internet.  And I’m not mad about it.

2 – I don’t think this was an option on my AR… – Post It


Personally, I don’t own a gun, but if it did… I think that I would want it to have this option.

1 – How’s That For a Garage? – Post It


Pretty sweet.  I can’t think of a reason why I would need 3 planes, but, well.  That’s not to say that I’d pass em up.

That’s it.  Check out our trending view at any time to see dozens of posts of the most popular manly content on Dudepins.




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