Top 10 Manly pictures on Dudepins – Week 5

The Dude —  December 9, 2012

Each week we bring you the top 10 manly man pictures on Dudepins. From Cars to Cigars and news to humour, check in each Sunday to see our finely groomed list of photos. If you think we’ve missed any, or have some incredible photos you just know belong on this list, make sure you Pin them up to Dudepins.


10. Kay & Peele – Obama the College Years – Video


9. The Dream Wine Cellar


8. California Dreaming


7. Could sit there for hours – Gentleman’s interior


6. Perhaps the most elegant iPhone case we’ve seen to date


5. A true bacon burger


4. A Mean Green Machine – Lamborghini


3. 6 Insane discoveries that science cannot explain


2. The 10 Best Single Malt Scotches 


1. Classic Green Rolex Submariner


That’s a wrap for this weeks top 10 Dudepins! Stay tuned for next weeks top 10!

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