Top 10 Manly Pictures on Dudepins – Week 2

The Dude —  October 28, 2012

10. A great idea to not only save a few bucks but also do something good for the environment. Check this Manly DIY out


9. A sweet Halloween costume idea. It’s almost time, what are you dressing up as? Check it out and don’t forget to pin up your costumes!


8. Have a look at this stunning painting! The site shows 10 Extremely Realistic, Mouth-watering Paintings of Food, check these out.


7. Lords of the Ring Nurburgring – Check it out


6. The most convenient frame in the world. Check it out


5. What kind of dog is this? Have a look


4. How cool is this – Wireless Speaker Light Bulb… Now you can get sound anywhere! Click to see it


3. Boxing gloves, what boxing gloves? See it


2. What a great ad. Have a look


1. Beach Volleyball – Check it out

That’s a wrap for this weeks top 10 Dudepins! Stay tuned for next weeks top 10!

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