Top 10 Moustache Clothes and Accessories for Men

The Dude —  April 14, 2016

The moustache trend has slowly grown from an initial hipster fashion movement to a fully developed cool theme for young men and women alike. Few things are cooler than a well-groomed and developed ‘stache, and that’s why moustache clothes and accessories are an epitome of coolness in themselves. No matter if such clothing and accessories are worn by dudes or dudettes, a moustache print or carving added to whatever item can instantly make the entire outfit younger, bolder and just a tad geekier, without any smirk whatsoever on the coolness factor.

Here are the top 10 moustache clothes and accessories for men to be found on the market right now. If the ‘stache trend is something you like (and why wouldn’t you?), these cool renditions of it should definitely be something worth checking out.

1. The Funny White Tee

funny moustache tank top for men

A relaxed and cool style, perfect if you want to show just what a confident guy you are (and one with a sense of humor on top of it all).

You can find it here.

2. Superhero moustache chic

great moustache message t-shirt

In the words of the eternally awesome Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. And what greater symbol of power and manliness than a well-grown and well-groomed moustache? One of the hottest finds in moustache clothing for men, you can find this shirt here.

3. A cute moustache iPhone case

moustache clothing and accessories: iPhone case

Your phone is among your most important and representative accessories. Why not use it as a canvas for your style with this cute moustache case? After all, moustache clothing items for men shouldn’t stop at just t-shirts and accessories you wear directly. You can find it here.

4. A moustache wrist watch

moustache wrist watch for men

The old-school look and feel of a simple, leather-bound watch screams of a dad or granddad style, while the moustache twist is just what the watch needed to become cooler and more contemporary. You can find such a watch (in more than one color scheme) here.

5. Moustache suspenders

moustache suspenders black and white

Sometimes, your shirt and pants outfits need a pair of good suspenders in order to become just right. Make those suspenders unforgettable with a cute moustache detail like this one. If you’re the proud wearer of a comparable real life moustache, then it’s even better, the suspenders will fit you like a dream. You can find this model here.

6. Nerd glasses and moustache Tee

nerd glasses and moustache clothing and accessories

If moustache clothes and accessories usually use the ‘stache symbol for manliness, the nerd glasses stand for intelligence, just the right dose of shyness and the ability to carry out wonderful conversations. This why this design highlighting nerd glasses and a moustache has become so popular, since it reunites the best of both worlds. You can find this tee here.

7. I’d love to stay but I must dash shirt – for little boys

funny moustache print T-shirt for little boys

For the little men in your life, a smart-assy tee such as this one can be the perfect gift. Of course, if you fancy the design, no one is stopping you from having it reproduced in your own size as well. Original model here.

8. Wicked Uncle Moustache T-shirt

wicked uncle moustache t-shirt for men

The monocle detail takes the cake, you’ll be one of the coolest presences in the room. The Wicked Uncle brand is one of the clothing labels that adapted to the moustache trend the best, and their designs are definitely among the coolest. You can find this T-shirt design in customizable shades for both men and women here.

9. Wicked Uncle Moustache and Monocle Underwear

wicked uncle moustache and monocle boxers

This awesome moustache design shouldn’t be limited to tees and outerwear. If you feel bold (and why shouldn’t you), you should definitely consider sporting it on your underwear as well. After all, it’s one of the coolest choices as far as moustache clothes and accessories for men go. You can find this model here.

10. Take it one step further with a beard Tee

bring a moustache to a beard fight tee

If you’re the proud possessor of a fully grown beard, the type that has been all the rage in recent lumbersexual esthetic trends, then why not go further with your clothing choices? Moustache is for beginner players, the beard is for advanced ones. Have fun with your grown-up style!

You can find this shirt here.

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