Top 10 St Patricks Day Gifts for Dudes

The Dude —  March 14, 2016

For us, St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most fun holiday of the year: plenty of beer, drunken bands, street celebrations and scantily clad girls in green fairy costumes. What could a dude wish for more? Of course, the actual feast of St. Patrick has more serious origins, and has come to be associated in time with Irish pride, especially in minority Irish communities which felt a need to express themselves, often against discrimination. But beyond the more serious meaning, this day sure is super-fun! Therefore, we decided to make a list of the best St Patricks Day gifts for dudes from this year’s edition of the fest.

Treat yourself to something cute and funny, or buy a gift to a bro of yours; whichever way, these cute St Patricks Day gifts are sure to bring a smile to anyone.

1. St Patrick’s Day Beer Coolers (Pack of 2)

2 pack st patricks day beer coolers

The choicest way to keep drinks cool when attending a St. Patrick’s Day party or drink-out. Comes in pairs for your date or your closest bro, and when you’ll be armed with these 2 beer coolers you’ll be ready for the most awesome bar hop of the year.

2. Shamrock Head Boppers (by the Dozen!)

st patricks day gifts for 12: head boppers

Again, one of the coolest gifts you could possibly make to all your friends, be they boys or girls. Heck, it’s even a fit hand-out for a kid as well, should you happen to have a few around you as well. Makes everyone cuter, bolder and ready to par-ty, par-ty, par-ty! You can find the head boppers in a super-cheap dozen pack on Amazon.

3. The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt for Guys

black t shirt with shamrock tie

No list of St Patricks Day gifts could dream of being complete without a proper T-shit. A classy choice is this tie T-shirt in black, with a single but essential green detail – the shamrock tie. You can go for other color combinations as well, especially if you plan to gift some of these shirts to others as well (so you won’t be wearing identical tops to the party).

4. The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt Suit

t shirt suit st patricks day

If you’re ready to take your leprechaun style a step higher, then why not wear a suit-printed shirt instead, to bring out the handsome devil inside you? Only a notch classier, but just as fun, the T-shirt suit will make you the main attraction of the party.

5. An Actual St. Patrick’s Day Suit

st patricksday men suit

Also, if you’d like to take your style even further a notch and wear an actual St. Paddy’s Day themed suit, this classy suit is definitely the item you should bet on. It’s high quality enough not to look as a cheap rip-off from some shady website, but also affordable enough and super-fun. For the dandy of the Irish party.

6. A Huge Irish Green Hat

huge shamrock velvet hat

Choose a velvet hat for a timeless chic touch (and by all means please avoid plastic).

7. An Official Beer Taster Hat

official beer taster hat

For a funnier effect, choose this hat: the fur trimmings are cute, it looks good on almost anyone and the message makes for one of the funniest St Patricks Day gifts possible. Not that we actually need any formal office to taste as many beers as possible!

8. Luck of the Irish Pillow

luck of the irish pillow

If you’ve had enough of the usual fooling around St Patricks Day gifts, this pillow is actually sturdy and classy, and suitable for use long after the holiday will pass. If you’d like to keep (or gift) a memento of the good times, not to mention a little good luck charm, this comfy pillow for home use is the ideal choice.

9. A Quality Shamrock Picture Frame

shamrock picture frame

If you choose this classy model from Belleek, it will come with a warranty and an elegant touch of white china, with just the right shamrock touch. Another classier choice that distinguishes itself from the other St Patricks Day gifts as an actual memorable gift which will last.

10. Shamrock Coaster Set

st patrick's day coasters

And since we couldn’t end our list of ultimate St Patricks Day gifts on that serious note, check out this set of coasters with just the right theme. Let’s not forget that this day wouldn’t be complete without plenty of beer, and these coasters will definitely contribute to the festive air.

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