Top 4 BMI Calculators For Men

The Dude —  June 1, 2014

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one great measure to track as you progress with your weight goals. Knowing precisely where you’re at can be a great motivator. You may not always see progress in the mirror, but seeing progress in other areas (i.e. BMI calculations), could just give you the power to keep going.

In order to keep your Body Mass Index top of mind, we recommend a BMI calculator of some kind.  Keeping a close eye on your BMI with exact methods will allow you to track this index, and allow you to improve it.  We’ve here collected the top 7 Body Mass Index Calculators for Men.

Body Mass Index Calculation Method 1 – Tape Measure – Buy Now


Use this or this tape measure to get an exact idea of your BMI.  By setting the dials to your height and weight, you can measure your waist’s width to calculate your Body Mass Index.

BMI Calculation Method 2 – Calculator – Buy Now


Yeah, there are specially crafted calculators just for BMI.  The great thing about these is that it is capable of much more than a tape measure (if you need it to be).  For example, it can calculate three metrics: Body Mass Index, Body Surface Area and Createnine Clearance, can measure up to 999 pounds, and switch between imperial and metric systems.

Calculation Method 3 – Scale – Buy Now


Several scales, including this one, have built in BMI calculation functions.  Enter your height, and every time you step on the scale you can get an indication of your Body Mass Index.

Body Mass Index Identifier Method 4 – Analyzer – Buy Now

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This cool thing looks a little bit like a gamecube controller.  What’s even more awesome is that it not only calculates BMI, but your body fat percentage as well, which is another great metric to keep track of as you get closer and closer to your goal.

Many BMI calculators will tell you where you sit: underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.  But it doesn’t matter where you are; it matters where you’re going.  Good luck!

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