Ultimate Dress Wear Watch – The TAG Heuer Carrera

The Dude —  July 15, 2013

Dressing like a dapper chap is no mean feat and takes no shortage of gumption and sartorial style. Most men of refinement will know that there are certain props that will help accomplish the sartorial look and few are as pivotal as a well-chosen timepiece.

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The luxury watch industry is positively awash with fine, Swiss purveyors of timepieces with the likes of IWC, Breitling and Baume and Mercier just a few that immediately spring to mind but, so far as sourcing the ultimate in dress wear watches, it is difficult to look beyond the utterly exemplary TAG Heuer Carrera collection of watches, such as the devilishly attractive example above.

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TAG Heuer are one of the oldest and most respected Swiss watchmakers but their Carrera collection is a relative newcomer having only made its debut as recently as 1963. Safe to say, this series of watches from the iconic brand takes its design lead from stylish motor vehicles and it is this visual flair that has made it such a popular choice amongst those of a certain sartorial standing. As you can see from the further incarnations of the TAG Heuer Carrera range below, those looking to ramp up their dapperness are going to be spoilt for choice:

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TAG Heuer Men’s Grand Carrera – $5,999 – Buy Now

As you can see, there will likely be a style of TAG Heuer Carrera watch to suit any occasion given the fact they range from superbly understated to out and out sporty like the particularly dashing TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 timepiece above.

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