Watch This: Closed Circuit Official Movie Trailer

The Dude —  August 28, 2013

In this international thriller, two ex-lovers, Martin (Eric Bana of “Hanna”) and Claudia (Golden Globe Award nominee Rebecca Hall), find their loyalties tested and their lives at risk,


Closed circuit features good performances and chemistry from both Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall. The movie is an exciting legal thriller that gets you second guessing your opinions on all those conspiracy theories that we have all heard since 9/11. Overall, the movie tells a great story and does a nice job of illustrating the British legal system.

As one critic put it, Closed circuit if Not only an intelligent, well-told and deftly acted story, it provides refreshing counter-programming in a season filled with noisy, uninspired sequels and mindless action movies.

Get to it!

The Dude

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