Watch What Happens When The Apple iWatch Is Dropped…

The Dude —  April 28, 2015

There’s a lot of buzz currently floating around regarding the Apple iwatch watch and most is pretty negative, i.e. consensus seems to be to wait for the next version.

We recently wrote an article on 10 reasons not to buy the iWatch and we’re sticking to our guns on this. Although there’s no doubt the apple watch looks stunning and is made with some sheer brilliance, see how the Apple watch is made,  this version is just not all that handy.

Now, we all know how much it sucks to drop your phone and have to dish out hundreds of dollars to replace the screen…well, what happens when you drop the iWatch..can you replace the screen, or do you need a whole new iWatch? Check out the video below and see what happens when you drop the Apple watch from only 3 feet hight.


The Dude

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